Detailing Products Available

PREMIER RUBBER AND VINYL DRESSING prevents cracking and discoloration. Easy and safe to use on all rubber and vinyl surfaces. Great water based product and less expensive.

BIG MOMMA’S RUBBER & VINYL DRESSING is a thicker and richer version of our Premier Rubber and Vinyl product. Works with all tire applicators and adheres to the tire surfaces and leaves a great shine.

BLUE SATIN prevents cracking. Easy to use on all rubber surfaces. Enhanced silicon dressing with cherry fragrance.

BLUE PREMIER is specifically designed for the interior of the vehicle. Not only a conditioner with gloss, but has cleaning agents combined with a fresh lemon scent.

SUPER SHINE a silicone polymer based dressing that creates a professional shine.

PREMIER INTERIOR DRESSING is an excellent polymer with great cleaning ability. Contains UV protection with a fresh lemon scent for your customer.​

XD is a thick interior detail dressing with conditioners and UV protectants.

SPRAY TIRE CLEANER penetrates, loosens, and washes away oil grease and road grime instantly on your tires. Rids black walls of the “brownish look.” Green in color.

CRYSTAL GLASS CLEANER is a glass cleaner that dilutes 15-20 parts water to 1 part product. Absolutely no streaking and dries quickly. Great to use on tinted glass surfaced

ADVANTAGE 1000 is specially formulated as a powerful cleaner without using harsh chemicals that will wear down and dull fabrics. Great for removing hard stains when properly used with your carpet cleaning equipment.

PINKY FOAM BRUSH a concentrated foaming brush detergent. Produces a thick and rich pink foam with a cherry fragrance. Great for self serve applications.

KC PREMIUM CAR WASH is a concentrated liquid cleaner especially designed for automatic or hand car washing. High-foaming and free rinsing. Pink in color and contains cherry fragrance.

HI PRESSURE SOAP is a concentrated detergent for the self serve market. Economical ready to use product and produces great foam with a cherry fragrance. Designed to be used in high pressure applications.

WASH-N-WAX is a concentrated high-foaming shampoo specially formulated to polish and shine as it cleans. A non-abrasive formula which is free-rinsing and creates decreased drying time without spotting or streaking.

TOMAHAWK is a powerful high pH detergent used to clean the outer tire surface.

SCENTSATIONS (CONCENTRATED) available in 1 gallon containers (minimum purchase 4 gallons in a case. Each gallon can be mix & matched if desired). We have a wide range of popular scents to choose from: Baby Powder, Banana, Black Ice (Best seller!), Bubble Gum, Cherry, Cinnamon, Febreeze, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, New Car Scent, Orange Citrus, Piña Colada, Spearmint, Strawberry, Vanilla.