Our Dog Wash Products will Make You Say Bow WOW!

At KC Chemicals, we have a wide array of dog wash products that are sure to keep our 4-legged friends safe and clean.

Our products include:
Oatsy Bubble Shampoo: an excellent skin softener that leaves your pet feeling clean and fresh.
Flea & Tick Shampoo: a powerful maximum strength formula designed repel parasites. Safe enough to use for routine washing and a non-irritant shampoo for your pet.
Bow Wow Bubbles: an excellent shampoo for all types of animals with sensitive skin.
Dog Conditioner: specially formulated to leave your pet’s fur silky smooth.
Fragrant Dog: for that “new” dog scent.
Tub Cleaner: a pine-scented, powerful cleaner to keep your cleaning station shining

Safety Data Sheet is available upon request.
For more info or to place an order, please call 877-271-8419 today!