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Our Car Wash Chemical Product Line.

ELIMINATOR is a concentrated low pH liquid cleaner, which produces great foam and is free-rinsing.

POLYWASH is an excellent cleaning compound that specifically cleans road film, oils and other residues that collect on vehicles.

TERMINATOR is a polymer based alkaline (High pH) presoak for the tunnel and in-bay automatic market.

MOJO is a low pH concentrate detergent which provides great cleaning power with lubricating components for your friction wash.

BONE DRY is a dynamic active chemical drying agent produces the lowest cost per car. Washes needing to create a better lower price point package can rely on the production of an instant water break from the vehicle surface.

TRIPLE FOAM is a concentrated clear coat conditioner that is ideal for maintaining and preserving finishes on all modern enamel, acrylic and metallic base vehicles. Colors available: Blue, Yellow, and Red.

CLEAR COAT is designed for application before the rinse cycle which enhances the drying process.

SUNSHIELD is a concentrated lubricating foam especially designed to polish and shine as it cleans. This non-abrasive formula is free-rinsing and contains UV protection. Colors available: Red, Blue and Yellow.

SEALER WAX is designed for a low cost application prior to the rinse cycle and allows for better drying.

GORILLA WAX is a carnauba based wax which creates a “glass” finish on the vehicle’s surface. Yellow in color and is infused with a banana scent.

RAIN GUARD is specifically formulated to protect the entire vehicle surface. It chemically bonds to the paint, chrome and glass to protect and leave a superior shine.

DRI QUICK RINSE is a drying agent with piña colada fragrance. Biodegradable and has ability to bead water and assist the drying process.

EXTREME WAX is loaded with waxing agents for a long lasting shine and vehicle protection. Great for added value in your top wash packages.

BREAK FAST is highly concentrated polymer that uses the latest technology in drying agents. Creates a lasting shine with continued protection after application.

SUPER SEALANT WAX is a great Scientific Polymer Protectant Clear Coat Sealant for the paint protection process. This product will enhance the surface of the vehicle leaving a high gloss finish.

MAGIC SHINE is a water based tire dressing that is specially formulated for automatic tire dressing equipment. This product is designed to leave a lasting shine.

ONLINE SHINE is a petroleum based tire dressing specially formulated for automatic tire dressing equipment. This product leaves a showroom finish to all tires.

TORQUE 40 WHEEL CLEANER is a tire and wheel cleaner with superior dilution rates with penetrating chemicals that specifically attacks break dust leaving rims shiny.

SNIPER is a polymer based cleaning compound that specifically cleans road film, oils and other residues that collect on vehicles. Great for bug removal applications.

BIG BULL WHEEL AND TIRE CLEANER is excellent for wheels and tires by preparing the surface for better cleaning and tire shine applications.

CHROME MAG & WIRE WHEEL CLEANER penetrates and washes away grease, grime, road film and brake dust from your wheels instantly.

SCENTSATIONS, increase your profitability by adding scent to various applications throughout your car wash. We have a wide range of popular scents to choose from: Baby Powder, Banana, Black Ice (Best seller!), Bubble Gum, Cherry, Cinnamon, Febreeze, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, New Car Scent, Orange Citrus, Piña Colada, Spearmint, Strawberry, Vanilla.

WHEEL BRITE cleans and brightens wheel rims as a low pH detergent.

SUPER FOAM BRITE produces a 3-5 pH level foaming detergent which enhances the vehicle’s surface to assist the cleaning and drying process.

BIG DADDY’S WRAP FOAM is a low pH, high foaming, lubricating detergent. Contains optimal brighteners that leave a superior shine on painted surfaces.

PINK MAGIC contains lubricants for cloth in a tunnel application. Great for foam brush usage with a bubble gum scent. Available in blue and pink colors.

BIG MOMMA’S BODY SCRUB is a high foaming, free rinsing, low pH, body scrub with optimal brighteners to enhance shine on bumpers and trim. Clings to cloth, which allows for optimal lubrication.